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  • Electronic Membership Certificate
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  • Membership Lapel Pin
  • The Holistic Brown Papers – a compilation of relevant scientific research from our advisory board
  • Consultation Hotline – from Advisory Board Members
  • Complimentary Holistic Skin Care Glossary & Reference Guide
  • Free Calendar of Events in the AHSCP community
  • Complimentary Listing of Your Practice on AHSCP website
  • Special Discount for admission to Yearly AHSCP Regional Conventions

 Association of Holistic Skin Care Practitioners CODE OF ETHICS

The Association of Holistic Skin Care Practitioners encourages high standards of professionalism and proficiency of its members. To maintain the integrity of the AHSCP, and to uphold the embodiment of wellness & holistic esthetics – we ask that all members support and foster the following principals:

  1. The holistic esthetician / practitioner will demonstrate a consistent level of care in conducting services, shall support and uphold the holistic mission, and shall strive to remain competent and display professional ethics at all times.
  2. The holistic esthetician / practitioner will do no harm and refrain from performing any invasive procedures that would compromise the health or welfare of the client.
  3. The holistic esthetician / practitioner will abide by rules set forth by licensing in their state regarding the services and practices performed – and shall remain within their scope of practice for which their license is granted.
  4. The holistic esthetician / practitioner will strive to become active in personal development, enrichment and professional knowledge – to include participation in educational programs and advanced training. In so that they may an exemplary and knowledgeable figure in the wellness network and community.
  5. The holistic esthetician / practitioner shall foster goodwill and amicable professional relationships with like industry professionals by not making derogatory comments on social media, or elude to any comments that may impact reputation or character.
  6. The holistic esthetician / practitioner shall maintain a high level of ethics in promoting products and services, and not mislead existing or prospective clients with regard to unrealistic claims regarding results from products or services.
  7. Holistic estheticians / practitioners support the concept adopted from holistic health that the body is viewed with unity as whole – mind, body and spirit. Every client is treated with reverence and a caring, loving attitude.
  8. The holistic esthetician / practitioner recognizes the importance of the dynamic state of health and in such will strive to exemplify good health themselves and the fostering of such to clients. This includes the promotion of organic living by bringing their attention to nutritional balance and a healthy lifestyle.
  9. The holistic esthetician / practitioner shall uphold the concept of “positiveness” and strive to exude such behavior at all times with their public, their clients and co-workers.
  10. The holistic esthetician shall lead by example in all areas of beauty and skin care, and will educate fellow co-workers, friends and clients as to the benefits of natural skin and beauty care.
  11. The holistic esthetician / practitioner will employ the use of natural / organic products for their services, and shall avoid the use of any products/ ingredients that are regarded by the wellness community as unsafe to an individual or the environment.
  12.  A holistic esthetician / practitioner has a commitment to improve their client’s complexion without any harmful side effects from toxic skincare products or potentially dangerous equipment.
  13.  The holistic esthetician / practitioner uses only healthy and green products for cleaning and maintaining their facility.
  14.  The holistic esthetician / practitioner has a comprehensible recycling program, and employs green practices and uses environmentally-friendly supplies wherever possible.


Organic Product Manufacturers

The Seaweed Bath Co.


Zone O3

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