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2017 AHSCP Conference

9th Annual Holistic Skin Care Conference

Held on November 5 and 6, 2017 in Chicago, IL. The finest curriculum on holistic skin care to be found anywhere.

Elina Fedotova - The Important Role of Probiotic Skincare

Elina will discuss the different types of friendly bacteria and their benefits for each complexion and how to use them to create individualized probiotic skincare protocols. She will also demonstrate a probiotic facial treatment.

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Beata Luberda-Goodman - The Healing Art of Kundalini Massage

Spice up your services with a massage intended to give your clients inner peace! Kundalini massage combines a variety of massage techniques along with Aromatherapy, gemstones and chakra therapy to heal deep parts of energy blocks caused by stress and past traumas.

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Gretta Winkelbauer - Gretta’s Goats - Goat Milk Soap

Gretta's Goats offers farmstead goat milk cheeses, goat milk soaps, and pastured raised chicken eggs. Gretta's Goats is a locally crafted artisan soap that is made with moisturizing farm fresh goat milk, organic sustainable vegetable and essential oils. The soap is carefully crafted in small batches utilizing the cold process method of soap making. Our soap was featured on and was recently featured in AAA magazine as a fascinating farm to visit in the Midwest. Gretta is an organic farmer, educator, and runner. She currently owns and operates an Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) Sustainable Farm in Pecatonica, IL where she creates artisan cheese and goat milk soap with organic ingredients.

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Doug Lofland - A 27 Year Experiment in Anti-Aging

Doug Lofland, a science orientated industrial developer, has spent 26 years learning everything he could about the various anti-aging processes, and then trying them on himself to see if they work. He has followed the industry since it earliest days. He will outline what has worked and what has not, and easy ways to measure if something is working. Will update everyone on the latest developments.

Doug currently is CEO of White Cliff Minerals, a company that manufactures calcium products in Miami.

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Dr. Madigan-Fleck - Altered States: The Pathobiology of Skin in Distress

This presentation will address aspects of the pathobiology involving acne, rosacea, sensitive skin syndrome and other inflammatory skin conditions, and how the esthetician may evaluate an approach for treatment, and recommendations for home care.

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Elina Fedotova - Grow Your Own Friendly Microbes for your Skincare Practice

Elina will share and demonstrate how you can grow different types of fresh probiotic cultures right in your spa. She also will discuss different types of fermented acid peels and corrective probiotic masks which will benefit different complexions.

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Keeley Lore & Dr. Mark Gerold - Improving the Skin by Restoring the Internal Bacterial Balance with Probiotics

When we experience stress, it disrupts the delicate balance in the digestive system. When the gut flora is not healthy, there are more bad bacteria than good bacteria. As a result, problems can arise - including chronic inflammation, which can cause skin problems. Restoring the bacterial balance internally with probiotic therapy can have a noticeable positive impact on external skin health.

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Claire Whitman & Kathy Poel - Improving Treatments using Organic Cloths

Claire Whitman will discuss the benefits of using organic skincare face cloths and eye pads that are eco-friendly, gentle and reusable. Kathy Poel will demonstrate the use of the cloths in a professional treatment.

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Dr. Raymond Bianchi - Understanding Skin Microbiome

Learn how to treat and balance microorganisms that are essential for the skin’s health. Their effect on acne, dermatitis, eczema, and other common skin problems will be discussed.
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Brianna Amato - Lokahi Essential Oil Jewelry

Lokahi is a Hawaiian word that means harmony and balance. Brianna will talk about the benefits of wearing essential oil jewelry.

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Dr. Andrey Lutskovsky - Minimally Invasive Neck PDO threading

Often People can have the perfect face, but their neck tells the truth about their age. Dr. Andrey will show live demonstrations of different treatments that can improve the appearance of the neck, without surgery. He will discuss alternative options to plastic Surgery.

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